Chairman letter

Merryland International School welcomes children and families to their new premises. 

Our Family has been leading in educational management for more than 50 years, having experience with a strong academic reputation. Every decision we make is guided by our passion for our pupils and to foster their overall wellbeing and healthy development as individuals.

We believe that pupils and children represent the wealth of a nation and the future citizens as they hold the key to progress, prosperity and the strength of a society.
MIS is dedicated to developing all pupils academically, socially, emotionally, physically and behaviourally, while instilling the values and competencies necessary to allow them to thrive to the best version of themselves.

In our ever-changing world, we remain steadfast, shaping our educational environment to best suit the needs of our pupils. Our dedicated staff members rise to the challenge of selecting the most suitable techniques, systems and methods to ensure that our pupils continue to grow and learn. Our continued excellence reflected by our ability to adapt, amend and transform to create a vibrant learning space in which our pupils flourish.

I would like to wish the School Principal, our committed staff and our beloved pupils all the success in the school for the coming years.

Dr. Emad Ayad

I invite you to visit us and experience for yourself the atmosphere that makes MIS a unique place to grow and learn.



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We Believe

that every child is precious and blessed with their own gifts and talents. We work hard to encourage and support each child to discover where their strengths lie with Respect, Tolerance, Inclusion, and Excellence.

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2 El Nakhil Compound, 1st Settlement, New Cairo,
Cairo, Egypt - 11865.